Anger Management Techniques

Kadampa Primary School Derbyshire

Children learn how to respond to their experiences based on what they see in their environment. Everywhere they look: television, movies, video games, even cartoons show that anger is a suitable and effective response to difficulties. The adults in their lives often provide reinforcement through their own actions.

How can we give our children the ability to respond to life’s difficulties in a constructive way? As adults, we have to learn to control our anger. Children could learn that anger never solves anything before they develop this habitual response to problems.

A new school has recently opened, the Kadampa Primary School Derbyshire and pre-school where children are taught methods to handle the challenges of life and keep a happy mind. Through developing a happy mind and gaining the ability to respond constructively to challenges, the pupils at the Kadampa Primary School Derbyshire are in a better position to achieve their potential.

With instruction that is focused on the whole child, the school and its staff emphasize the social, emotional and spiritual development as well as academic.

Pupils have the opportunity to learn meditation techniques that allow them to clear their mind and solve their problems, especially problems like anger, jealousy and confusion. This makes the approach to education very special. We can also say, the kids are luckier too! Imagine if you learned how to keep a happy mind all the time, regardless of the challenges and ups or downs life brings.

Visit the Kadampa Primary School Derbyshire’s website, Derbyshire Primary, to learn more about this special school and their meaningful approach to helping children be prepared for the real world.

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